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Formerly KuroiOokamiYumi
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owed artwork

• commission for DeadOnContact

• art trade with 891301

• drawing for snownose

• art trade with Featherhaze

• request for Biscuitsaurus



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anzujaamu Featured By Owner 6 days ago
ehi pretty face!
what's hup here? i hear you're sad and this isnt good.
first of all, let me introduce myself:
hi, i am anzu and i'm gonna try to make you smile enough to let people see how cute you are !
if you want to talk about some problem that you have irl, i am here to help you!
even if i cant solve it by myself, we can work togeter to make you abit heppy and make problems look easier to solve.
every kind of depression, every problem will fly away if you talk about it, just talk about problems make them look 50% easier than what you thought. let people help you, and if you're just sad, try to eat some good snacks that you like and watch a film or read a book!
sometimes a hot bath helps to throw away the stress, and its really good if you put in the water some perfume // u \\
you are loved and there are people around you that really loves you and are ready to help you for everything. one of them, it's me.
so, keep your head up princess, every girl is beautiful and i am sure that you are too.
stay awesome cutiepie, you deserve to smile evry moment of the day!<33
nieufna Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
first off, i'm really sorry for the late reply, i was just so overwhelmed by your kindness and didn't know what to say ;;
you're so incredibly sweet and i'm so grateful for your comforting words. thank you so much, you made me feel so much better. <3

and how are you doing? i hope people treat you the same sweet kind way you treat them ;w; :heart:
anzujaamu Featured By Owner 3 days ago
i'm really really glad that this helped you ; uu ;

and i am fine eheh just some problems with my family, but nothing really "new"
and yup dont worry, people are great here // w \\
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